Atomic Bombshell

--- Tales Richly Spun ---

A 10-part podcast serial that explores the astonishing life 
and tumultuous times of Hollywood film noir goddess and 
50s exploitation queen Clara “Mynx” Devlin – 
the woman J. Edgar Hoover called 
“The Most Dangerous Woman Alive.”

Brought to you by Tales Richly Spun of Atomic Bombshell

Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 10: Sweet Atom Bomb, Genius of Desire

    Soul retrievals, mysteries solved, the missing two years in Mexico with a mysterious goddess-healer, and Mynx’s final healing and redemption. ...


  2. Episode 9: The Loves of Mynx Devlin, Part 2

    Mynx reveals her greatest love: Francois Truffaut, the famous auteur of New Wave Cinema. They fall in love as they make a film, but an insanely jealous producer ruins everything yet again. ...


  3. Episode 8: The Loves Of Mynx Devlin, Part 1

    Mynx tells all – how she saved the world TWICE for her lover, the most powerful man in the world, and then had a torrid rendezvous with a co-star, the most famous rock star in the world. ...


  4. Episode 7: Jail Bait Baby!

    Mynx runs away from home and gets cast in a sordid grindhouse exploitation classic, and promotes it in a wild cross-country carny-ride. ...


  5. Episode 6: Hell-Bent For Kicks!

    Mynx makes eighteen classic drive-in movies and exploitation films and jumps at an impulsive marriage proposal. But a stunning revelation will leave you breathless…and change everything. ...