Episode 4: Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been

Episode 4 December 08, 2020 00:38:12
Episode 4: Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been
Atomic Bombshell
Episode 4: Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been

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R. Lee Procter

Show Notes

Betrayed, with once chance to save herself! It’s the time of the Red Scare and HUAC. Mynx Devlin makes a fateful choice that renders her an outcast and receives a gift from beyond the grave that offers a glimmer of hope.


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Introducing The Atomic Bombshell

The Atomic Bombshell: The Mynx Devlin Chronicles is a 10-part podcast that explores the astonishing life and tumultuous times of film noir goddess and 50s exploitation queen Clara “Mynx” Devlin, the woman J. Edgar Hoover called…“The Most Dangerous Woman Alive!” After her controversial death, her films mysteriously disappeared from circulation and her name slipped into oblivion. Now, we reveal the whole, shocking truth about the most notorious screen goddess of the 20th century. As Mynx herself said, “My life has been an unhinged Hollywood melodrama, full of glamour, horror, violence, suspense, alcohol, sex, loving interludes, lusty diversions, shimmering epiphanies and horrific betrayals.” richlyspun.com ...